Refund and Cancellation Policy

Unfortunately things happen that can not be predicted. We fully understand that and want to accommodate our customers in every way possible. However, when items are rented for that special event MONTHS in advance, most of those items can NOT be re-rented on short notice.

REIMBURSEMENT AND CANCELLATION. In the event of cancellation of event, 100% of the Renter's deposit will be refunded in full ONLY if Something Borrowed Two receives notice and confirms cancellation of Renter's item/s six months prior to the event. Cancellations after six months will be refunded at one-half the deposit amount and cancellations within 60 days of event will forfeit the entire deposit.

CHANGES TO ORDER. Changes of item/s selected where a deposit has been paid are accepted within 60 days of the event, provided availability of item/s. NOTE: If new item/s is not available, the refund policy will be the same as noted above.

LOSS AND REPLACEMENT. Something Borrowed Two will inspect returned rental items with in 72 hours. Should item/s returned be determined by Something Borrowed Two to have been shorted, lost or damaged, Rentor is solely responsible for reimbursement to Something Borrowed Two to fix the damage and/or the full replacement value (as determined by Something Borrowed Two) of the rented item/s. This is at the sole disgression of Something Borrowed Two. Should reimbursement occur it will be due and payable immediately upon notice via text, email or phone call to the Rentor. Rentor further agrees the reimbursement amount may be processed via the last form of payment submitted to Something Borrowed Two. Something Borrowed Two will make reasonable and honorable attempts to collect such shortages, loss or damage from Rentor to include seeking rights and remedies afforded by law. Rentor further agrees to be responsible for legal fees and/or additional costs involved with collecting such.

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